The Largest Agricultural PV Plant in Jinzhou Developed by ZNSHINE Has Connected to Grid

Writer:ZNSHINESOLARSource:ZNSHINESOLAR Date:2016-06-29

ZNSHINE PV Tech Co., Ltd. (“ZNSHINE” or the “Company”) announced on Jun 29,20MW agricultural PV plant invested by the company branch “ Brightmax” in Lingjiaohu, Jinzhou has been examined and approved by power supply company and connected to grid right before “630

The total investment is around 200 million and the project is estimated to produce 465 million kwh in 25 years. This project also provides over 300 jobs to local. 

Mr. Guisuo Hu, VP in ZNSHINE, said, “We conquered difficulties during the construction and successfully completed the grid connection with the support from government and power supply company leaders. We are delighted to have our project demonstrated in Jinzhou, Hubei.”

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