ZNSHINE Launched 5 New Modules Reducing System Costs

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ZNSHINE PV Tech Co., Ltd. (“ZNSHINE” or the “Company”) recently again made progresses on module R&D, launched 96-cell mono and polycrystalline modules, 96-cell mono and polycrystalline double-glass modules, high-performed modules for Top-Runner Program, 36-cell high transparent modules and 54 double-sided modules for reducing the system cost. The company reveals, these 5 modules can be applied to the 1500V system, reducing the cost by over 10%. These modules designed to increase the products value, and lead ZNSHINE to develop in a more intelligent and efficient way.

It is said that besides of high-performed mono and polycrystalline modules, double-sided modules with 10-year power output warranty are the highlight, which can absorb solar energy by both sides, converting to electricity and increasing power output by over 10%.

The power output for both 96-cell single-glass polycrystalline module and 96-cell double-glass polycrystalline module are over 425W, the mono ones are over 440W, and the efficiencies are 16.85% and 16.42% respectively. The high-performed modules are 300W for mono and 280W for polycrystalline reaching efficiencies at 18.7% and 17.2% respectively. Meanwhile, under the strict manufacturing system, 54-cell double-sided module with 235W power output on the right side and 225W on the reverse side, can increase power output over 10%. This product with 10-year power output warranty can be well applied to agricultural PV plants and piscicutural PV plants. This type of modules are durable and Anti-PID, can well perform under many formidable environments like high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, ect. 

ZNSHINE Technical Manager said, “Since founded, the company has been dedicated to products R&D, bringing the high-performed and reliable modules for the industry. The launched products this time with better power output and efficiency reduce the PV system cost and maximize the value. ZNSHINE will keep on products R&D, improving module efficiency, and helping with the grid parity.”

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