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  • 产品名称: Double-Glazed PV module 255-265 Watt
  • 产品编号: p006
  • 上架时间: 2016-05-20
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ZXP6│D60 Cells Double-Glazed PV module

Made with selected materials and components to grant quality, duration, efficiency and through outputs, the D60-cell Double-Glazed modules by ZNSHINE SOLAR( power output 255 up to 265W) feature increased light transmission and have both decorative and shading functions.They represent the perfect choice for BIPV and BAPV construction applications. This allows you to produce clean energy whilst reducing your energy bill. ZNSHINE SOLAR’S D60-cell Double-Glazed solar modules are tested and approved by international acknowledged laboratories, so that we can offer our customers a reliable and price-quality optimized product.

High module efficiency up to 16.27%
25-yearlinear warranty on outputs
Certified to withstand extreme static loads of 5400 Pa
Free from PID (Potential Induced Degradation)
Extensive green certificates
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

  Dimension of the PV module     I-V Curves of the PV module
    Electrical data

 Model ZXP6
 Nominal Power Watt P (W ) 255 260 265
 Power Output Tolerance P (%) 0~+3 0~+3 0~+3
 Maximum Power Voltage V (V) 30.33 30.52 30.71
 Maximum Power Current I (A) 8.41 8.52 8.63
 Open Circuit Voltage V (V) 37.95 38.11 38.27
 Short Circuit Current I (A) 8.71 8.81 8.91
 Module Efficiency η (%) 15.66 15.96 16.27
  Mechanical data  
  Solar cells  Poly 156×156 mm
 Cells orientation  60(6×10)
 Module dinmension

 1652×986×22 mm(Frameless,JB Included)

 1658×992×25 mm(Frame & JB Included)

 Weight  22 kg
 Glass  High transparency,low iron,tempered
   2.0mm+2.0mm heat strengthened glass
 Junction box  IP 67,3 diodes
 Cables  4 mm ,300mm+400mm
 Connectors  MC4-compatible
   Temperature ratings  
 Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 45℃ ±2℃ 
 Temperature coefficient of Pmax -0.42%/K 
 Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.29%/K 
 Temperature coefficient of Isc 0.04%/K 
   Working conditions  
 Maximum system voltage 1500 V DC(TÜV )
 Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃ 
 Maximum series fuse 15 A 
 Maximum load(snow/wind) 5400 Pa / 2400 Pa 
 Application Class Class A 
   Warranty information
   Packaging information

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